The C++ Alliance is a California non-profit 501(c)(3) (pending) organization whose primary function is to advance C++ by developing open source libraries.

The mission of the C++ Alliance is to empower C++ programmers by building a better C++ programming environment with such activities as: supporting the work of the ISO Standard Committee by improving the core language and standard library, supporting the creation and distribution of open source C++ libraries, developing, communicating, and promoting the use of C++ best practices, and supporting the creation and use of better tools and standards for building and working with C++ source code. The Alliance will achieve this by supporting individuals and organizations that are working toward these goals through both direct and indirect action or funding. The support may take any of several forms. For example, the Alliance will employ software engineers to create key open sources libraries or tools. The Alliance may give travel grants to events such ISO Standards Committee meetings, conferences, or other C++ related events. It may offer prizes to the individual or group of individuals that accomplish a specific goal. It may give sponsorships or other indirect support to conferences or other organizations with overlapping goals.


The organization achieves its mission through these means:

Our Vision

Mankind has become increasingly reliant on software for all aspects of life including commerce, industry, recreation, transportation, communication, and more. We believe that the best software solutions are written using the C++ programming language. We believe that software and knowledge are best developed and published using the “open source” model: software for which the original source code is made freely available and may be redistributed and modified without restriction.

Our organization is dedicated to helping C++ evolve not only through the language specification but also through the ecosystem of open source libraries and talented individuals who make open source contributions.

Our Team

Board Members

Vinnie Falco

With 35 years of programming experience (25 years with C++), and 10 years experience with managing technology startups, Vinnie provides a strong vision and technical leadership to the organization. His open source accomplishments include Boost.Beast, NuDB, DSPFilters, and extensive contribution to Ripple. He is also known for authoring the BearShare file sharing application in 2001.

René Rivera

René Rivera is a contributor to the Boost C++ Libraries and was part of the Release Team, was Testing Manager, and is the author of Boost Predef and Boost Build. He has worked in the game development field since 1998 and has been doing C++ since 1987. He is a co-organizer for the Chicago C/C++ Users Group. Currently he is a Lead Programmer at Disbelief LLC doing contracting for companies doing AAA games and virtual reality development.

Jon Kalb

Jon Kalb is a C++ community organizer. He chairs CppCon, C++Now, the Silicon Valley Code Camp C++ Track, and the Boost Steering Committee. Jon does on-site C++ training for companies around the world and is the author (with Gašper Ažman) of C++ Today: The Beast is Back.

Executive Team

Louis Tatta

Louis Tatta serves as the Chief Executive Officere of C++ Alliance and is responsible for the day-to-day operation and general management of the company. Prior to joining, Mr. Tatta served as Chief Operating Officer at BearShare, where he managed operations of a technology startup, lead all business operations, new business development, product development, purchasing/procurement, and infrastructure development. Managed key account relationships and executed strategic marketing plans with advertising partners. Previous to this, Mr. Tatta held various positions in the financial service industry.

Technical Committee

The technical committee performs technical research on projects and individuals, and advises the board on technical and social topics related to C++.

Glen Fernandes

Glen Joseph Fernandes has worked at Intel and Microsoft as a Software Engineer. He is the author of the Boost Align library, a major contributor the the Boost Smart Pointers and Boost Core libraries, and has also contributed to several other Boost C++ libraries. He is a contributor to the ISO C++ Standard by authoring proposal papers and defect reports, and has two features accepted for the upcoming C++20 standard (P0673R1, P0653R2). He lives with his wife, Caroline, and daughter, Aeryn, in the US, graduated from the University of Sydney, Australia, and before all that, lived in New Zealand.


Jens Weller

Jens Weller is the organizer and founder of Meeting C++. Doing C++ since 1998, he is an active member of the C++ Community. From being a moderator at c-plusplus.de and organizer of his own C++ User Group since 2011 in Düsseldorf, his roots are in the C++ Community. Today his main work is running the Meeting C++ Platform (conference, website, social media and recruiting). His main role has become being a C++ evangelist, as this he speaks and travels to other conferences and user groups around the world.